HP Smart App scan not working in windows 10


Suddenly scan option not working in HP Smart App it shows the below error

I tried to reset/reinstall the app few times still same error

Any tips highly appreciated


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Hi @RafathR,

Did you check with another user account? I assume it will work. If that’s the case you need to recreate the user account for the affected user.

  1. Login the PC with built-in administrator account
  2. Delete the temp user profile in C:\users\
  3. Delete the registry file for the temp user if available in the registry < HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList .>
  4. Goto c:\users and rename the default folder to something like default.old (note: you need to enable hidden files in the view to view this folder)
  5. This is the main step Copy the default folder (c:\users\default) from a good working computer and paste in the exact location (c:\users\default).
  6. Now restart your computer and log in.




Please type here scanner model and connection type. It may be Scanner issue and PC can’t see your scanner

Hello @RafathR

It seems like your scanner is not detecting by computer
Is your scanner is inbuilt with printer and is it wifi, if so then restart router first
2. restart scanner
3. restart system
4 check it again if still you are facing problem then download full hp driver and reinstall latest driver…

Note: If is it connected using wire then check wire connection also
Is there any self test of scanner then check it and if self test is not working then it must be problem scanner.

Hi @tjnihal, I will check on Monday.

Hi @zura1994, Thanks for the reply. I am connecting the printer though via LAN through Windows store app. App working fine for other users who are in the same network.

Hi @VIkasmadan, Thanks for the reply.

I will check on Monday and let you know

Hi @tjnihal, I delete and recreated the user profile as per your suggestion but the same problem persist for the new user also. Not sure what to do now.

HI @VIkasmadan,

Follow your step but not helpful

Hi @RafathR,

Try to login with the new user account which is not logged in the PC before. I want to confirm this behaviour happing for all the new user account or not?

You may try reinstalling your drivers for the device.

Hi @tjnihal,

Thanks for this suggestion. I had the same HP Smart App scan not working error in Windows 10. By creating a new user profile for the user help me resolve this issue.