I can't install Kali and Parrot OS on a new SSD

I can’t install Kali and Parrot OS on a new SSD. It won’t boot.
I wasn’t able to try the newest version of Kali. After trying many methods, I realized the kli was the problem and tried with Parrot OS, but nothing. Then I bought a new USB drive, but it didn’t help.
The installation of Kali and Parrot OS looked good. I chose guided partitioning and deleted partitions, but when it should boot into the installation, it won’t do it and doesn’t show up in bios.
I also tried to change from UEFI to legacy in the bios, but nothing happened. I did this before many times, but this time it just won’t work whatever I try. Can anyone help me?

Hello @Perry
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Step 1. download Kali linux ISO image as per your system requirement from

step 2. download Rufus software to make bootable flash/pen drive
from the address

step 3. make bootable pendrive and install kali linux

I hope this will work for you.

Please follow the link below