I lost my documents in Windows 10. Can I recover them?

since I am using the windows this type of issue I have never face but suddenly. I have lost my documents.

question is I am the holder of windows for so many years But I never face this type of issue never before ever after.

but as soon as I upgraded my windows to 10. suddenly I have lost my all data which I have stored in my pc.

those that I have stored in it before upgrading into the windows 10, and also tried the following things but I can’t find the solution.

I have tried the following options:

  1. I Go to c:\users folder and searched if the account used before upgrade exists. also, I search for desktop and retrieve the documents then try option 2.than

  2. I Try reverting to older OS by uninstalling Windows 10. also I take backup of data then I upgrade to Windows 10.

so are there anyone those who can guide me to the right solution those who give me my files back to me?

Hello @Becky

If you have save your data on desktop or in document folder then you can recover your data in c: drive windows.old folder.
Note:If you upgrade your OS and don’t format.