Improving security - list of good plugins

I need a list of plugins that can help me increase security on my site. What should I do exactly, how can I block bots, hackers, and malware from entering my platforms (I have several of them)? Also, is there a way to block my content from copying?

There are many plugins that can help you to increase security on your website.
Some of them are…

  1. Sucuri Security: It will help you in scanning your website. It will also help in protecting your website from DOS attack, Brute Force attacks, etc.
  2. Wordfence Security: It has a live traffic view, It also includes a malware scanner as well as endpoint firewall to prevent live hack attacks.
  3. Jetpack: It’s not exactly a security plugin but it helps in preventing unauthorized login, spam protection, brute force attack.

I hope it will help you in protecting your WordPress website.