Install new Windows 10 and upgrade from OS hard drive

I want to install new Windows 10 and upgrade from OS hard drive to new SSD, and I need hidden recovery partition after that (I use Acer Aspire E5-575G-53VG ) by using Windows 10 Media Creation Tool. May I remove the current drive, and use the new SSD and then bootable USB? And in future how to enter recovery partition? Same as I did before on my Acer laptop?

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I assume your current OS is Windows 7 or Windows 8, I suggest you to first upgrade your OS from windows 7/8 to windows 10 with the choice of window 10 version I prefer the 1903 version.
User any cloning software like Clonezilla or EaseUS Todo Backup which makes a bit-for-bit copy of your internal hard drive’s data. Once the data is transferred to the SSD, transplant the new drive into your computer and you should be good to go. I prefer to clone a hard drive onto an SSD. Once the cloning is done successfully then you can remove the HDD drive from your PC and you are all good to go.

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Why you need recovery partition and why you want to remove current drive partition.
you can directly install clean windows 10 and copy all the data from your old harddisk to ssd drive and use old drive as backup drive.

It will be better if you install new OS on SSD. download it from official site

Yes, will be same procedures for new SSD for reinstalling and re-configuring drives.