Is full reformation necessary on DELL XPS Desktop

The external western digital hard drive is connected with eSATA to a Dell XPS desktop computer 2012. But when I try to boot up Mint 19.2 on a 50 GB partition formatted by the MBR (method), I receive the error: "kernel panic not syncing- VFS: unable to mount foor fs on unknown block (0,0). By the way, I’m botting Linux (other) on an internal drive with Win7. I also get another error: "attempt to read or write outside of disk hd0.
Do I need a full reformation? When running the sudo fsdisk, all drives have 512 bytes, but this drive has Sector size: 512/4096 bytes, and I/O size (min/optimal) 4096/4096 bytes. Why is this happening?

Please check the link below