Is GoDaddy's M365 email secure and private?


Our taxi firm acquired 20 other small taxi firms last year, and they all used Gmail in one way or another. We created a new M365 account within GoDaddy and forwarded their Gmail emails to the new domain accounts on M365 with autoresponders… our new email address is here and not @ Gmail, etc, etc.

Now we are in a new year and have a new IT admin, we are questioning whether we should cut out the middleman (GoDaddy) and migrate the accounts to Microsoft. One thing that will help us make up our minds is whether GoDaddy is as secure as M365. TBH, we are concerned that GoDaddy might not encrypt external emails. They encrypt internal emails, but that isn’t a risk to us.

Doc says, ‘With Advanced Email Security, an encryption filter is already built in — which means all you need to do is edit your message’s subject line to encrypt it.’
They all mention something called Advanced Email Security.

Thanks in advance!!