Is it possible to gain back free Win10 Update?

I have an Asus T100 laptop where I had Windows 8.1 installed. As time passed by, I decided to give Win10 a try because it was free a year ago (to update that is). Now, a year passed and OS went unstable, constantly crashing and rebooting on itself. I did the natural – returned default installation and reverted back to 8.1 OS. Is there a chance now to get Win10 back free, since it has a price tag now?

Hi @Lennon,

Yes, still you can upgrade your PC to Windows 10 with free of cost. , In fact, you can use any windows 7 or windows 8 keys in windows 10 to get activated. In 2015 Microsoft changed the Windows 10 installer disc to also accept Windows 7 or 8.1 keys but it still remains the same.

Hello @Lennon

If you want to upgrade to windows 10 you can do but before upgrading the windows 10, go through the following link and read all information.

If you’re running on genuine Win 8.1 (No OEMs) then I suppose there won’t be another hefty price tag, also a kind reminder here is “constantly crashing” hardly blame on OS but more to the incapability of program execution so its best to do quick troubleshot before all hell breaks loose.

Hey there!
Yes it is possible, you even get the versions that were before Win 10, it is free