Is Windows 11 really comes out this July 2020?


There is a talk on the behalf of upcoming Windows 11 that when would it come to us does Windows 10 immediately become replaced and obsolete?

Windows 11 will likely never be a thing. Microsoft is going to just be updating Windows 10. I don’t know
whether it comes to me by the upcoming July of 2020,
but I want to know just to read/listen and to hear their logic behind this because Microsoft has never, that I have heard of at least.

announced Windows 11. Anyways, it would not become immediately replaced, in my opinion, Windows 10 is a great OS and many other people would agree.

Unless if Windows 11 was going to be a thing and if it had some really good features or features or a UI update many people won’t see a reason.

I Don’t think Windows 11 is going to become a thing someday?

But Windows 10 be globally available? Is it worth the upgrade after all the hype that is going on about it?

Microsoft would never announce a new version of Windows out of the blue and make the older one obsolete on a whim.

Every time they introduce a new version of Windows, they announce it several months if not a year prior to release, and they have long, permissive support and end of life plans for older versions of Windows.

For example, both Windows XP, Vista, and 7 were supported for 10 years.

so please guide me thus anybody knows about it when does it come to us?

Thanking you a lot. guys…

Hello @George

There is no confirm information on Windows 11 that can be provided.
If there be any updates on Windows 11, they will be posted on official Windows Blog.