ISO image issue

After I installed Windows 10, i found this error

ISO storage not found, You may have to restart your PC and try again.

This did not work.
Can anybody help me?


can you provide us some screenshoot, to see when it happens

Hello @JamesDoger
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Are you confirmed that your windows 10 is installed successfully
May be your installation is not successfully completed and it may be possible that
your bootable flash drive in not working properly.

For better solution you can upload error screenshot.

I beg your pardon, is the error occurs after a successful installation of Windows 10?
If so, that could be only one reason behind this, you have chosen wrong path and installed the windows 10 on external devices instead of local hard drive.

I’d suggest you to start the entire thing again from BIOS or keep plug in the external drive continuously (unpractical)

Try re-installing your copy of windows, because error seems to be from ISO file you are using for windows installation.