Issues with random hibernation on Mac computer

I have a sinology DS215J with two 4TB wd red NAS drives and the latest DSM version. The main router is in the living room. I extended a long network wire to my bedroom and I connected another router to that network wire. I connected a short network wire from my router to a network switch and I connected another wire from the network switch to my ds215j. It hibernates between 5 minutes and an hour and then it wakes up (no one accessing it), then hibernates again and so on. The network light keeps blinking when it’s on. Is the router causing this or some setting in the OS, how can I fix it and will it damage the hard disks?

Hi @JonasHrome101,

Synology NAS comes with a feature called disk hibernation which will stop the disk spinning on idle usage. There is a debate by turning ON the hibernation will improve the disk lifespan.

However you can specify the period of time hard disks remain idle before entering HDD hibernation mode. During HDD hibernation, hard disks stop spinning, reducing power consumption and extending the lifespan of hard disks. You can specify different periods of time for internal hard disks and external eSATA/USB hard disks.