Issues with SSD installation

Hi! The explanation might take a while so bear with me. I recently installed SSD to my PC (Win 10) and copied my main drive to it. Then, I reformatted the old drive through command prompt and continued onwards for 30 hours without any issues. However, when I finally shut down the computer (updates took place), I got a BSOD error. I tried startup repair and Win 10 boot media. I also tried a system restore, as well as Bootrec /fixMBR, bootrec /fixBoot, bootrec /rebuildBCD. None worked for me so far. What might be the issue and how can I get SSD drive to work properly without destroying my old drive?


You can remove old drive and try to install new windows on SSD and when you finish all windows installation return old drive in its place and from bios boot option choose SSD to boot first