Laptop freezes many times

My laptop freezes many times during the day. And what I mean by many times, I mean every 10 seconds. The freeze lasts for about 2 seconds, driving me bloody nuts! I checked RAM and CPU usage (10% to 20%), all good on that side. HDD runs at between 70% and 100% all the time. What could cause it, what should I do to make my laptop work again?


there may be some reasons for freezing.

  1. in task manager check if there are too many programs opening
    2.update all drivers
  2. update bios version
  3. check CPU temperature during working
  4. check RAM
  5. it may be virus in you system and check it

Hi @Max

Most of the times its happen because Windows services, Antivirus software so try to follow these things

  1. Install your OS in separate SSD it will boost the system speed.
    Eg : for windows 128GB SSD is enough for Win 10
  2. Disable unused startup applications.
  3. Disable Windows defender.
  4. Disable Windows Update

Hey check for all active processes in Task Manager to ensure if a particular software is not draining your computer resources. Try removing and reinstalling any software that is using more of computer resources than it should be.