Layer3 switch configuration


In my office, I want to change network hardware and I bought New Cisco Layer 3 switches.

They are new, without any configuration.

On one switch there are connected CCTV, VoIP server and Management PC, on the other 2 switches there are connected Cisco IP Phones, PC and CCTV Camera.

IP Phone is connected to Switch and PC is connected to IP Phone.

I have 2 subnets:, and
The first subnet I want to use for Phones and PCs and second subnet for CCTV cameras and third subnet for Management.

I know that I need to configure Vlans, but I don’t know which Vlans to use and where to use them
I think the DHCP server is necessary to configure on the first switch.

There is a simple drawing of network topology

I need help to configure the switches

  1. configure VLAN on each switch
  2. configure SSH on management VLAN
  3. configure the DHCP server

For me, any advice will be good to make this job easily
Thank you

Hello @zora

You don’t need to configure DHCP, you configure vlan and if you want to connect switch from remote then you will have to configure SSH

Hello @VIkasmadan

I need the hosts dynamically get IP addresses, and how can I do this without DHCP?

Then you will have to configure DHCP

Why you want to configure three subnet
When you create VLan, it will automatically create small broadcast domain, it means traffic between vlan can’t communicate each other

@VIkasmadan how can I use 1 subnet for all devices and VLAN?

I need any advice to make this job easily and good

You can watch any video how to configure VLan in layer three switch, it is very simple,but I can’t explain, as there are so many commands you have to run and before that you will have to connect switch to PC or laptop using console cable and you have to download Putty software to connect layer 3 switch


We need more information from you please.
My initial question is why you are adding new hardware? I think that is the question we should bounce around. If there is a good reason to upgrade, then that should be a project in itself.

I like to use one manufacturer for all types of hardware. You could mix HP and Cisco switches, but not worth the hassle. BTW, I use HP switching and Cisco firewalls \ routers so that is why I mentioned only those 2.

The scope of your question is too broad. If you don’t know how to configure the switch, the network will crash. You won’t be able to muddle your way through this.
If VLAN tagging is in use, the incorrect configuration will kill the network and you won’t know why.

The network appears to be set up very well. CCTV will thrash the network and the IP phones won’t like that. I presume some QOS in play here.

Happy to help if we know more (a lot more).

It is a new project in my company.

there were only simple TP-Link routers and switches only access to the internet, so I decided to change hardware and bought Cisco switches.

I am doing the Network side, and from my side I need to do VLANS, to isolate CCTV, PC and Phones.

I think to use one VLAN for PC with and configure DHCP for this subnet

second VLAN for IP Phone with subnet. I know that I can use the IP Phone Network adapter and connect PC to IP phone and use VOICE VLAN.

I need also management VLAN to manage switches with SSH.

It will be good to advise me about anything.

Do I need any other VLAN?

What will be better: use this subnets or make subnetting of these networks

Any advice will be good

Thank you