M2 SSD Interface question

A question about M2 SSD Interface. I’m using M2 SSD drive as a boot drive for my PC, and because my PC specs are a bit old, I’m doing it through shell script to load it. My question is do M2 drivers have a TRIM? Thanks in advance.

Hi @Lawrence707,

All the SSD Drive support TRIM. You can confirm by running the below command in the CMD. It will show you TRIM is enabled or disbabled for your SSD Drive.

fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify

It will give you one of two results, either a 0 or a 1. A zero indicates that TRIM is enabled correctly, a one means that it is not.

If you have a TRIM-compatible SSD, but find that Windows hasn’t enabled the command, you can easily do so by running this command:

fsutil behavior set DisableDeleteNotify 0

Hope this is helpful.

There are two ways M.2 works, SATA and native, it also claims windows in version 7 does not support native mode (NVMHCI not AHCI) but few M.2 SSD’s run in this mode apparently and just use plain SATA with AHCI, and up to windows 10 it does not support direct PCIe bus (one example card is the Plextor M6e that doesn’t use SATA for M.2) these direct to PCIe cards can reach 2GB/s and actually make use of the PCI express bus bandwidth.