Malwarebytes crashing my PC with Blue screen of death errors

I have one ticket open Malwarebytes Teams indicating the issue on Malwarebytes crashing the PC. This morning I get support on chat and they say, it’s a known issue. An update, version 1.1.219, was pushed out over the weekend to supersede, and it is causing our Windows 10 Enterprise clients to crash multiple times a day.
Well, if it was so well known, why did we get no notification of such?! Their marketing department is amazing at sending out email blasts, perhaps someone in support could have had them send notice out to their affected customers.
The suggested remedy was to disable MBAR.

I attempted to do through the Management Console, but over half of our clients are listed as offline, even thought they are connected to the network and can reach the MBAM server. So, those machines won’t get the updated policy that disables MBAR, and are still crashing. I’m having to go around and manually disable the MBAR modules
I’ll have to chase down this other MBAM issue now, and waste yet more time trying to keep this running. At least we’re also running Symantec Endpoint Protection, so I have one working anti-malware solution. On the upside, the clients that can’t communicate with the server were protected.


Hello @William

If you still facing the error then would you please share the screen shot of blue screen error.