Malwarebytes gets deleted by itself

I’m using Win10 but, for some reason, Malwarebytes gets deleted by itself every now, and then. I checked if I installed the latest version, I also tried to check my PC in a safe mode, reinstalled the Malwarebytes, but still with no results. Any suggestions on fixing this?

Malwarebytes recently released a new version of its Premium software, and in most cases the program will update itself automatically. If you’re having trouble with the update, such as the software disappearing from your computer during the process, there are a couple of steps you can take that should fix it.

  1. You can download the software again here.

  2. Once you’ve downladed it, you’ll need to activate it again with your Key.

Lost your Key? This easy-to-use Purchase Lookup page can help you find it.

Hi @Fisher998,

Are you using any other AntiVirus software with Malwarebytes or Windows Defender is enabled in your PC? and Are you using Free or Premium version of Malwarebytes in your PC?

Since I am not sure if you are using any AntiVirus software are not So, I would like to share a few information that happed with the defender. The reason I ask is that Defender may disable itself if another Anti-Virus is present, but in the past, Malwarebytes was not classed as an anti-virus but instead as anti-malware which allowed it to run alongside Defender. In fact, this is what I recommended for those who were chronically infected while using the only Defender.

Hey there!
If it is the free version it will continue doing that until you buy the premium one.