Mapping NAS share to multiple computers without server?


We are a small company with 57 computers all of them running Windows 10 with version 1903, 1909, and 2004. Most of our users working in the office I am managing them manually. Now we have purchased one new NAS Synology ds918+ and move all the production and development data to this device. All the PCs are Azure joined and, the NAS can’t LDAP with Azure. So, we have created local users on the NAS with their respective permissions. I need to map the shares to PCs on logon as we can’t have the users manually doing it.

I am trying to map the share using CMD but, you have to include the credentials. If you don’t include the credentials, the mappings fail. We can allow discovery of the shares via Network in explorer but, users will have to click the shares and map them themselves - they’ll all use different drive letters for the same shares which are not ideal.

So, any suggestion will be helpful in these matters


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