MBAM Pro and Windows Defender working together

I need to run both MBAM Pro and Windows Defender simultaneously to get the best of the protection I can get on a work-related PC. So far, installation worked but functioning together – not so much. I can reinstall both and start from scratch, so if someone who worked with both would help me out with general guide, I would be very thankful!

if you use Malwarebytes scanner (not real-time antimalware), you could run Windows Defender and it together

Hi @Grey,

It is not recommended to run more than one real-time Anti-Malware product, both might have conflicts You should only choose to use one of them.

you can install both but it’s not recommended to run both together. you can disable one of them and use only for full or custom scan.

If you have another real-time Anti-Malware product, Windows Defender won’t be run. So if you want to use Windows Defender, you have to completely remove Malwarebytes.