Microsoft Teams multiple notifications come all at once. Why?

Hello admins,

Due to COVID-19 we adopt Microsoft Teams as an official communication tool for our business. For now, we have around 100 users communicating through Microsoft Teams. Few of them lately started complaining and in fact, this happens for me also some times.

Somehow Microsoft Teams store and stuck the notification and send us all at once. This makes us miss the important notification in real-time although this not happening every time but only at a particular time.

Today, This has happened to my boss, he happened to miss some important notifications and now I have been asked to look up for this issue. Is this a bug in Microsoft teams or related to windows 10?

For your information, we are all using Windows 10 version 1809 and we are a domain environment


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Hi @Reginald,

Make sure your internet is working fine. I have noticed if any PC face DNS related issue this causes them Teams to go on pause for a while and still shows like it was working normally. If you are facing the error try to change your network or to another internet connection if possible and see if any improvement.

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