Move data between two VLANs

I have a Cisco Catalyst 2960-X Series Switch(switch 1), and all ports are in VLAN 2 and this goes into our network, now I bought another Cisco Catalyst 2960-X Series Switch(switch 2) to another separate network and all ports are in VLAN 1.
On the VLAN 1 there is connected a server, and I need to access it from VLAN 2.

Figure the easiest way would be to throw a wire from switch1 to the server itself but I stead I need to wire from switch 1 on vlan2 to switch 2 on vlan1.
How would I need to set the port on switch2 to pass data between the switch1 and switch2 and reach this server?

Hello @zura1994

You will have to configure Inter VLAN routing, that enables communication between Two or more VLAN.

Hello @VIkasmadan

On which switch do I need inter VLAN routing?

You will have to use Router or Layer 3 switch to configure Inter Vlan Routing, you can not configure IVR in Switch, however still there is some setting in switch which you can check from any Video.

Please check the link below