Moving Hyper V guests from one disk to another on same host


I was looking at why a server kept crashing and we had to ask a remote guy to reboot it. Turns out it is a VM running under Hyper V and he was rebooting the hyper v host server.
The VM would boot each time and then fail because the host ran out of disk space and hyper v services shut down. How it managed to reboot each time I don’t know. Maybe some temp files were being deleted on reboot.

Anyway, I need to fix this and have to use the existing hyper v host server. We have added a NAS on the LAN using iSCSI and it works great. NAS has 4 x SAS disks in a RAID 6 config. New VM guests created and booting etc.

My next job is to move one of the VMs to the new disk which is running on the NAS. I have previously used live migration and hyper v replication (then failover). I have lots of time to do this because thankfully the VMs are part of an archive system which isn’t critical.
I don’t want to migrate anything live because of the low disk situation and potential of corruption.
I have never tried offline move or export and they seem easy enough.

Any suggestion from those who have done either?

Hey @JimmyT,
I think you should go through this tread it should be of great help