My PC not auto refreshing, I have to press F5 or refresh manually


This is very strange, I think it could be a bug where windows explorer (and desktop) does not refresh by its self. I have had it working before, editing the donotrefresh registry worked. But this time it did nothing…

The following troubleshooting steps I followed:

  1. Registry edit donotrefresh key
  2. Restore folder display defaults
  3. Network drives - I don’t have any but I still did the procedure to make sure.
  4. Restore default icons
  5. Rebuilding icon cache and thumbnail cache
  6. Killing/Restarting Explorer.exe

None of the above was helpful.

Please help this is getting so annoying :slight_smile:


follow this link\\

I think it will help you

Hello @Kendrick
You can use the following link to solve the problem.