My user cannot able to reset their own Microsoft Password?


Now we have run into a problem at a small client. They have a Windows 2008 R2 domain with five workstations. We are in the process of prepping new windows 10 PCs and a 2019 server.

When setting up the new Dell PC’s, We selected personal Account type (since they are so small) at the Windows user setup. It allowed me to enter the password and register Windows 10 with that account.

On the next two, we needed to reset their Microsoft passwords so we click reset, both say they can’t login here with a work or school email address (don’t want to set up a 2nd email). I clicked back and went to Work/enterprise, enter reset at the password prompt and it says the users don’t have access to reset their passwords.

They are using an Office 365 subscription. So, we made them global admins so they should be able to do a reset.

Has anyone run into this?