Networking trouble on Windows 10

One of my Clients’ laptops is deeply frustrating.

The machine happily connects to any WiFi or cabled network but mostly refuses to receive a DHCP address. Very occasionally, it will receive a DHCP address. For the avoidance of doubt, this is true across multiple routers, access points, and network locations, so I can firmly rule that out as the cause.

When connected to a network, I can ping, but nothing else. Even when it received and applied a DHCP address, or when I set a static address, I cannot get any coms with other addresses.

This holds regardless of whether connected to WiFi, cable, or both. Though I think I’ve ruled out device drivers as the cause, I also updated drivers, without effect.

It was running an older version of Windows 10 Pro, and I’ve upgraded it to 1903, but still, the issue persists. I’ve done CHKDSK /R, which found no issues with the drive. I ran SFC /SCANNOW, which found no issues. I’ve reset both Winsock and the TCP/IP stack, and still, the issue persists.

Your suggestion, please?

Hello @Abbey

If you want to use static address you will have to exclude ip from DHCP scope.
Check when you assing IP address it should not be conflicted to other PC of network. is a loopback address if you are able to ping this it just asures that your TCP/IP working properly.