New Network Hardware


In my company there are 10 departments and 250 persons. They are using Laptops, PCs, Printers, Scanners and other network devices.

In the Office there are simple TP-Link network switches, Tenda router and for the wireless connection they are using TP-Link routers as Access Points.
During the day there are many issues about network, I think this is Hardware issues because there are too many people and hardware doesn’t have enough opportunity.

So this company decided to change the Network Hardware, and the budget is $3000.

I need advice about Network Hardware.
Cisco, HP, Mikrotik, Unifi, Juniper and others, help me to choose good hardware

  1. which switches do I need to buy?
  2. which router will be better to work properly?
  3. which Access Points will be good for 200 wireless devices?

Any advice will be good for me

Thank you


How do you know there are network issues?

What are the many issues about network you say?
Is file access slow, printing slow, internet slow, PC’s running slow? Those issues could be file server based, poor internet connection or just cheap and inadequate hardware on the PCs.

Do you have a list of issues?

I need advice about Network Hardware.

We don’t know what issues you face. All the brands you mentioned are good network devices, however, success \ failure is all in how competent the person setting up the hardware is.

$3000 is an insanely low budget for the task.

I checked the internet connection and it is high.
also when wireless is not working properly and when i reboot the hardware, the problem fix, but in the 1-2 hours, the wireless problem will begin again, so i think it is hardware issue.
when in PC the internet connection lost and I reboot the switches, the problem fix also.

and so I think the hardware doesn’t have enough opportunity

Hey there!
This is acheived by setting the same network name (SSID) and password on both access points, clients will then “roam” between them according to their own algorithms. This works regardless of manufacturer, and also should even work with APs from different manufacturers (although YMMV).