New Windows 11 PC software and APPS advice

Hi, we just bought a new PC (Dell with Windows 11), and I’d like to know what the most common software we should install and what embedded software we should remove (trial AV), etc.

I mainly use Linux for my sysadmin job and haven’t used Windows anything regularly for a year or so.

PC needs to be safe, secure, and backed up (I have bought Microsoft 365). I am not keen on having software that expires after 30 days (Macafee, in my case).

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

Since you’ve been using Linux for your sysadmin tasks, here are some recommendations for common software installation and considerations for optimising your PC:

Software Recommendations:

  • Security Software: Windows Defender comes pre-installed and is quite robust. No need for third-party antivirus if you keep Windows Defender updated.

  • Web Browser: Install a widely used web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox if you need an alternate browser to Microsoft Edge for easy browsing.

  • Office Suite: You have everything necessary to remain productive; Microsoft 365 is right there. Make sure you have installed the Microsoft 365 applications for a better experience.

  • Media Player: You can use Windows media player which is highly dynamic and famous media player that plays diverse formats.

  • PDF Viewer: For the purpose of viewing PDF files, both Adobe Acrobat Reader and Microsoft Edge are suitable options.

  • Backup Software: Though Microsoft 365 is good in terms of collaboration and productivity, remember that it does not offer a whole backup solution on an individual user level. Use other backup software to make sure your important files are fully backed up.

Best Practices for Backup:

  • Microsoft 365 Consideration: Microsoft 365 provides collaborative tools and cloud storage but doesn’t inherently back up individual user data. It’s advisable to supplement it with a dedicated backup solution for your critical files. For more info, check out this article How Can I Backup Microsoft 365 Data?

  • Third-Party Backup Software: Explore reliable backup solutions such as Acronis, Veeam, or others that align with your backup needs.

  • Regular Backups: Set up a regular backup schedule to safeguard your data against unforeseen events or data loss.

  • Check Trial Software: Ensure to remove any trial antivirus software that may come pre-installed, like McAfee, to avoid interruptions after the trial period.

Just remember proactive backups are highly important for protecting and securing your data. Are there any more questions, or do you need further assistance?