No Audio device found issues with Windows 10 version 1903

Got “No audio output device installed” Error message since last windows 10 update and my windows 10 computer running version 1903 instinctively installed an update (KB4514359) on October 15th.

And I am assuming this after updating it before updating it was fine. And it signals me red Cross and messages me " No audio output device is installed"

I have a Dell Optiplex 980 with windows 10 which I use as a home theater pc. It also has an onboard sound with AMD high definition audio as well as AMD RX550 but both show their relevant connections under the option of audio inputs & outputs

  • I appropriately notified on this controversy and gathered everything that I can Along with
  • I completely removed and reinstalled the devices of sound and drivers
  • I removed the AMD card to establish that it wasn’t convict
  • I ensured the SST audio of Intel but it doesn’t show the relevant devices
  • I reinstalled the high definition audio controller under it
  • I also restarted the all windows audio services which are related to it

But I couldn’t find anything change

I am hoping that several people have several experiences with those I don’t have.

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Try this link is supported by Microsoft Support Team