Nominet price increase

Our web hosting company has ramped up prices for .uk domains by 10% this year and they are blaming Nominet.
UK domain renewals and registrations now cost us £6.15 per year.

Nominet have put their prices up by 4% for what I understand is just a database service. All DNS, email, web forwarding etc is done by our web hosting company.

Has anyone seen better prices without the gimmicks where we have to renew for 2 years or buy hosting?

correction… all domains ending in .uk have increased in price the same. One good thing with Nominet is that they charge the same price for all UK domains. Thankfully they haven’t sought to charge different prices for different suffixes yet !


As an admin at a company which manages UK domains, I can give you an insight into this.
Nominet has a clique of members with huge amounts of domains under their control and these are the decision makers. Nominet likes the 1 member 1 vote system and it makes them look credible. If you have a domain ending in .uk you must buy it from Nominet, so it is no surprise they all agreed a price increase.

The cost of a .uk domain for 1 year is £3.90 from today, and I think that is a good price.

The Register have covered this story with their usual pinpoint accuracy and is worth a read -