Not able to copy or move files in Windows 10

I have got one ticket from my end users he claims they are not able to copy or move files sometimes and their copy interrupted with the below error:

Network transfer error

He also claims this error comes rarely not all the team also the same has had to all of his team members. I tried to run a few text file transfer but surprisingly I never had any interruption during the process.

So, I and He thought the error has to resolve automatically somehow but today it repeated again. I tried to check the event viewer in his system I didn’t get any useful information.

He is trying to transfer the file to a local server which is acting as a file server (Win2K12).

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Hi @Srinee,

Before answering your question I have below queries:

  1. You have mentioned as you are using Windows server 2012 is there a domain environment?

  2. The PC you are having issues connected to a domain?

  3. Are you using any GPO to map the network drive? or any script running on startup or logon?

Si está en dominio habrá que probar varios métodos para restaurar los archivos como administrador local y mirar si alguna políticas de GPO

Hello @Srinee

I hope this link would help to solve your problem.

Hi @tjnihal, Thanks you for the response

  1. Yes, We are using Windows server 2012 R2 Data center
  2. Yes, This PC is connected to domain along with few other PCs
  3. Yes, we are using GPO preference to map the network drive to the respective user as per the departments.