Not send video signal when shutdown on dock in Dell E7250

Recently My sister told me, she has an odd issue that she can’t seem to find a resolution too and am hoping someone smarter than he may have a solution.
Dell Latitude E7250
Dell Support Plus II docking station
2 x Dell P2717h monitors

Recently this user has noticed when she turns on the laptop on the dock she sees the Dell splash screen on both monitors followed by the windows logo with the chasing dots.

After that screen goes away the monitors indicate no signal and then going to sleep mode. Meanwhile, the laptop will play the windows startup sound like the laptop continued to boot to the login screen.

While trying to troubleshoot this issue she found that the laptop will boot fine on the docking station IF it was shut down while off the dock. It will also reboot fine while on the dock if the restart is chosen.

The issue only occurs if the laptop is docked and then the windows shutdown option is chosen. If that condition is met, the laptop screen even on the dock will be black and both monitors will go to sleep. If the laptop is undocked, windows will recognize only 1 monitor and display the login screen.

At that point, if docked again the dual monitors (connected via Displayport) work just fine.

she has ensured the bios and drivers are up to date using the Dell Command update tool. She has also manually reinstalled the video drivers with the latest from Dell’s site though the command update said it was already up to date.

For now, the user is working around the issue by either choosing restart when docked or undocking after shutdown.

Hopefully, someone has run into this or has ideas on how to resolve it.
As a side note, this issue wasn’t noticed until after Windows 10 1903 update was installed. she cannot say for certain it didn’t exist prior but this is when the user noticed the issue.

Thanks in advance for helping us.

Hello @AnthonyD

Did you update the Dock firmware? Also did you check to see in the BIOS is always allow thunderbolt docks was checked?