Num-Pad/Arrow keys not working


On my Elder brother’s laptop have some issues.

If he hit the 8 key on the number pad several times and then uses the dedicated Up Arrow Key(to the left of the Num-Pad) it will, for about three clicks, act as though he is hitting the 8 Key. The inverse applies if he starts with an arrow key and then uses the corresponding number.

This happens with all four sets of keys. Two users are having this issue and he is only observed this behavior in Excel .

He has tried multiple keyboards as well as deleting/updating the keyboard drivers on both computers.

he has checked for scroll lock and mouse keys.

He ran an SFC which returned no errors.

He tried disabling all excel add-ons.

He also has an issue that may be related to where three users cannot use the on-screen keyboard.

He tried a variety of different ways to bring it up but the closest he gets is it running as a background task. Of the three users that have this issue only two shares the Num-Pad issue and all three are using the same version of Office and Windows.

Both computers are Windows 10 with Office 2019.


Build- 17763.678

Version- 1809


Build- 16.0.11901.20218

Version- 1907

Edit_1: He recently had to install office 2013 on one of the systems and the issue persisted.

Edit_2: He has tried at least two different keyboard models, one of which was wireless. Also, this shouldn’t be a malware issue as the computers are new desktops from Dell and using new Dell peripherals as well. In case it’s relevant the computers have Trend Micro and Malwarebytes installed.

Edit_3: Replacing the keyboard driver with a different driver or uninstalling & reinstalling the driver resolves the issue until the computer is restarted, after which the issue resumes.

Edit_4: The issue persists regardless of which user is logged onto the computer.

Edit_5: While remotely connecting to the computer it works without issue.

Any suggestions are appreciated.