Number Lock driving me mad!

It seems to be an easy solution to solve but it takes hours and hours.

Most laptops do not have a number pad on the right of the keypad but many have a function key that enables “Number Lock”

However, I have one of these laptops here which is not giving me the satisfaction in the right way…for which I am looking for…and making it very difficult to use the keyboard.

When you turn on the number lock, the affected letter keys change to numbers but if you turn off the number lock, the number pad doesn’t type numbers.

I have 86 of these laptops in the estate, I have imaged them to Win 7, 8 and 10 and they all handle this normally.

I have tried the following…

  1. I have installed new system languages
  2. I have installed new keyboard languages
  3. I have updated the keyboard driver from standard PS/2 to the HID-Compliant device
    changed the number lock settings in the registry.

So I have fully tried but…there is no solution…came to me…

Thanks a lot…