O365 printer email error

Hi! For a long time, I was able to send scans of documents through the O365 printer using SMTP and encryption on port 587. Today, however, it did not send the docs from printer directly but neither did it show any sort of errors going on as well. Outlook and other mails work, only printer, so I believe office365 restriction might be the culprit. Anyone had a similar issue like I do? What did you do to solve it?

Hi there,

Please try to update the port to 25 and see if that helps. You can either use use 587 or 25 and I have listed below the settings for each.

Option 1 (How to set up SMTP AUTH client submission)

Device or Application setting > Value
Server host > smtp.office365.com
Port > Port 587 (recommended) or port 25
TLS/StartTLS > Enabled
Username/email address and password > Enter the sign in credentials of the hosted mailbox being used

Option 2 (Settings for direct send)
Device or application setting > Value
Server/smart host > Your MX endpoint, for example, .mail.protection.outlook.com|
Port > Port 25
TLS/StartTLS > Enabled
Email address > Any email address for one of your Office 365 accepted domains. This email address does not need to have a mailbox

Please follow the below link