Odd Errors Preventing Logon to Windows 10.


My brother is working at a university, and he has a lab that he recently transitioned from generic Autologin to requiring students to logon with the University Credentials (which are standard windows accounts in Active Directory).

He has set the GPO " Delete user profiles older than a specified number of days on system restart " set to 1, and the computer has a scheduled task to automatically reboot each night, so on a rolling 24 schedule, the old profiles get deleted by the GPO.

Apparently, at random, machines will have problems logging on. There are several “symptoms” involved in this issue.

He has the GPO Show detailed logon messages enabled, so normally when a user logs on they begin seeing a different message about what windows are doing while logging on.

On the machines with the problem, they only see “Welcome” no other messages. After about 5 minutes, they will get an error on a Blue Screen with white text (not a BSOD) that says either “The system cannot find the file specified” OR “The parameter is incorrect” with an option to select OK.

If the user does so, they are returned to the lock screen. No other accounts can log in at this point, including the local admin he has deployed. A restart temporarily resolves the issue.

He has never seen error messages in this format before, He has seen them in popups after logon, but not before logon completes. He has combed through the application, system, and user profile event logs, and he can’t find a reference to this error. Has anyone seen an error before?

He does have a PowerShell login script that monitors idle time and automatically logs out the user if they are idle for more than 4 mins. But he deployed the script in another lab, and that lab has not had this issue. However, this policy is deployed to 2 different labs, and they each have this issue.

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Which account you are using for logon. Did you try to login in safe mode.
refer this link also to solve the problem.

Start your PC in safe mode in Windows - Microsoft Support

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