Office 365 User Migration Sync Error

I migrated 3 users from Exchange 2013 to Office 365 yesterday evening. One user failed with a message " synced with errors ." Although I solved it, if I do complete migration batch again, I get a reply of 1 failed item that won’t be migrated. The batch was not restarted, giving me that error. What should I do to get all 3 users to Office 365?

Hi, These errors are usually happen in short time, it should be running well after several repetition run on migration

Be aware if the target mailbox is smaller than the source mailbox, this can also occur if the iMAP migration sits from G Suite because the label is treated as a separate binder, each of which contains a copy of the message.

Just let the batches keep running. It should change to status “completed”…

Please follow the below link