Office Crashes on first things first menu

I’m a user of windows 10.
Recently I installed Office 2016 on my laptop, But the installation of office is crashing. The installation is fresh from today. When you launch any of the office 2016 apps they bring up the standard first things the first window.

However, regardless of the option, you select it closes the app. Presumably, because it crashes. All of the apps run fine in safe mode.

however, none of them have any add-ins. I have checked in safe mode and disable and removed all the add-ins from them but the same thing happens.

I have uninstalled office and reinstalled at least 3 times and even removed all of the office apps that we don’t use. Nothing has changed the problem.

The user that is logged in doesn’t seem to matter either.

This is the same installation ISO that I have used for at least a dozen other machines. The installation of windows on that machine is also only 4 days old and up to date. The OS is windows 10.


Hello @Jackson
What error message is appearing on the screen and did you try repair option?
When you install Office it asks for repair also.