One IP Reservation for multiple MAC address is Possible?


we are planning to create a fail-over setup for one of device. So, we have two device which has two network interface and they have their own mac address. I am planning to setup fail-over for this device but I am stuck here is this possible to setup a single IP reservation for this two device mac address? Because if this is not done my whole idea going to be worthless as I am away most of the time with my servers I can’t change the IP address as soon as possible.

Any help is highly appreciated

Hey there!
It is rarely possible
Maybe dnsmasq or isc-dhcp even supports this, but I wouldn’d actually set it up this way. The problem is: what should happen if a user has wifi on AND plugs the ethernet wire in? which laptop interface should get which IP? they can’t get the same for obvious reasons, or the laptop will throw itsself out of the network.


It is possible

You can make a port-channel or ether-channel. make 2 physical interfaces as one interface on both side: on the switch or Router and on the host.

then you can add get one IP address on port-channel or ether-channel

which hardware are you using?

Hello @AnthonyD

Are you asking about DHCP IP reservation? In DHCP server we can configure one ip reservation with one mac Address

Note:In servers it is better to use static IP address.