One Laptop refusing to upgrade to Windows 10 1809


I have a laptop running with Windows 10 1803 version. I am trying to upgrade it to 1809 so before that, I have installed all of the available updates for version 1803. I use the same image and upgraded dozens of systems from 1803 and 1709, but this one laptop keeps failing.

I found that there were some memory issues that Dell’s diagnostic “fixed” (don’t ask me how you fix hardware problems in software). I have run it again and this time the installer went through the online installation (windows was booted), and then it rebooted to the update environment. I was not sitting there watching, but it seemed to go pretty fast through this stage. I learned just a moment ago that’s because it rolled back instead of upgrading, and it’s still in 1803.

Any ideas on this? Do I just reformat the system? I am running some disk checks (dism, sfc, etc) to see if there’s some sort of disk-level corruption.

Please follow the link below for issues with update install.

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