One user not receiving group email


I have one user in my office who is in a group with other 5 users. All of the other user can receive the group emails but only he can’t. I don’t know why, he seems facing this issue for more than 1 week.
Any clue where to start?

Hi @surash.2019,

You are using online O365 exchange or on premises exchange?

Are the desktop application is syncing? Did you check the online version?

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Hi @tjnihal,

Thanks for the reply,

It’s an online exchange group in O365. Outlook desktop is syncing properly. This user is another group also where he get the emails instantly. He has problem with this specific group only.


Hi @surash.2019, then please check he is following the specific group or not in outlook. I am sure this is the problem if it set to Not following then the user will not receive emails are sent to the specific group,

Login to Outlook online and in desktop version and see if the below toggle is On or OFF.

Firstly make sure that he Subscribed to the group or not? in this case you need to check messages manually but they will not come to your inbox go to general tab of group settings named Subscribe New Members You will get the behavior you described.

It sounds like he was not “Subscribed” to the group. You can be a member of an Office 365 Group and not be Subscribed. In that case you can view the messages manually, but they will not come to your Inbox. There is a checkbox on the General tab of the Group settings called Subscribe New Members. If this is toggled off, you’ll get the behavior you described.

Hey there!
Check if the email adress is correct, also make sure that the email adress is on the group and not blocked

Let the user to check whether the email sent to the DG was in the junk email or deleted items folder Or let the person type the subject of the email in the search box and view the results.