Option "scanning" only available at Malwarebytes

My previous version of Malwarebytes gave me an option to scan specific drives, but now in this new version I’m not able to choose, it only gives me the option “scanning” only. Is it possible to get a previous version of Malwarebytes again, and install it? Or is there a way to choose which drive would I like to scan?

Hi @Fisher998,

You need to use custom scan option to scan the specific drive.

From the Malwarebytes home screen, click the “Scan” button, second from left at the top.

Choose “Custom Scan” in the middle, and then click “Configure Scan”

Select all 4 types of scanning options on the left, then select all your drives on the right, and then “Scan Now”.

Bonus: please read this article it will help you understand what are the scan option available in Malwarebytes Different scan methods in Malwarebytes for Windows v3

Hope this helps

Hello @Fisher998
Step 1 Open computer or Thispc icon (windows explorer)
Step 2 You can right click on drive which you want to scan and select the scan option.

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check this video
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