Outlook stopped sending mails

After the latest Win10 update, my Outlook stopped sending mails. It can receive emails without issues but sending them is impossible. I tried to do go through different accounts at different vendors and the issue persists nevertheless. Any solutions for this?

Open outlook account and check incoming and outgoing ports. also you can contact your internet provider and ask if this ports are opened

Hi @Clay,

  1. Do those emails appear in Outbox or not/
  2. If you have any antivirus software quit it and check the status
  3. Disable your firewall and check
  4. Make sure you are not working in offline mode
  5. Make sure port 25 isn’t blocked.
  6. Try to connect your PC with your mobile data to make sure your ISP isn’t blocking.
  7. If you have any third party outlook add-in disabled them and try.

Hope any of the above helps

  1. Open windows powershell (admin)
  2. sfc /SCANNOW

it may solve your problem.

Hello @Clay

you can check smtp port address, out going email server address and outgoing authentication.