PC doesn't power on


My company bought 200 PCs: HP Elite 6300 Pro- Intel Core i5-3470 3.2GHz Quad Core 4GB

Each PC has 4 slots of DDR3 and it has 2x2GB RAMs
For PC there are 2GB DDR3 1333 MHz RAMs

But on some devices, I have some problems. when I am trying to power on PC, it starts up, but suddenly shutdowns and begins the startup process again.

I have tried this:
I tried to check the system.

I checked the BIOS settings, everything was good.
I reset and updated the BIOS, but that doesn’t fix the problem.

I unplugged all the cables of internal hardware and plugged in, but the PC is doing the same.

Checked RAMs. I removed both RAMs, cleaned both(RAM and SLOT) and put one by one.

Both slots work well, and both RAMs individually work properly, but when I put in both RAMs, the problem begins again.

If you have any experience with this problem please advise me something to fix this problem.


The first thing to try would be phoning HP. I assume you have spent at least $50,000 on hardware.

You didn’t tell us how many systems are faulty. 1 or 199 ?

Did you try swapping the RAM from a failed system to a working system and see if the fault follows the RAM or system? That will tell you which component is faulty.

Is your power supply healthy there? I ask because these are HP PCs and it is unlikely more than 1 will fail.

I had experienced this so many times,normally the problem is the RAM, how did you clean the RAM? you should clean it with rubber eraser, the slot must be blower,Check the switch button might be stock up just fell it the way you switch on, or try to disable automatic restart, type View advanced system settings in Windows search bar,/Open Advanced/ Open Settings/ under Startup and Recovery / Uncheck the ”Automatically restart/confirm changes. Hope it will resolve the issue.

hello @zura1994

As you mentioned, that you have purchased new PCs, so all the pc must be in warranty and you must contact to vendor or HP.


they aren’t new PCs, they are second hand devices so they doesn’t have warranty of HP.

also I swapped RAMs from failed system to a working system and working system works good, but failed system has the same issues. I also changed power supply( swapped it from working system), but PC has the same problem


I cleaned RAMs with rubber eraser and SLOTs with blower but doesn’t fix, I will try disable automatic restart

thank you

For troubleshooting first of all Start PC with minimum devices, that are required to start PC
SMPS,Motherboard,RAM,Processor and Processor fan then check.