PC lock down randomly without user interaction. Windows 10

Good Afternoon,

I work for a company. Where I am stuck in a very strange situation. Where for one of my users, whose computer completely locks up at random times. He cannot even move his mouse. His computer hard drive light shows pegged out and after about 3 minutes everything is fine.

I am not able to find anything related to this issue in the event viewer that would be a cause. It’s an HP computer with 8GB of RAM. He does have Dropbox with quite a bit of file in it but could the Dropbox syncs cause the computer to completely use all of its resources? It’s been driving me crazy so I thought I would reach out

This is a domain environment so we have multiple policies to control the device. But none of the other devices have this strange problem, this is effecting only one user PC.

Thanks for any inputs

Hello @Becky

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You can do one thing try to start system with safe mode, and observe that in safe mode you are facing the same problem.
If there is not any kind of problem then run msconfig command and disable unwanted programs from startup tab.


First of all check task manager and which app has high usage of RAM and CPU.

do you have 1 8GB ram or 2x 4GB?. if you have 2x 4GB you can test this RAMS. remove both and then return one of them in slot and work PC with one RAM, then try with second RAM and check if problem fix.