People cannot leave comments on my pages

I’m not an expert, I’m more of a beginner. Thus, this particular problem is beyond me. Anybody who is trying to leave a comment on my WP page gets the error 403. I didn’t install any new plugins by the way, but I need help as I’m not sure what should I do to fix this error.

Hey there!
Check the information in this link
Hope it helps


While is publicly accessible, we cannot access your site’s XML-RPC file:

You can see a working example here:

Since your site returns a 403 – Forbidden error for this page, I recommend you check the following:

  1. Do you use any security plugins that may block access to this file? If so, could you try to disable them? You might also want to check your site’s .htaccess file for any rules that might be blocking access to the xmlrpc.php file.
  2. Does your hosting provider block access to this file? If you don’t find any plugin that may block access to the file on your site, I would recommend you get in touch with your host.

Once we can access your site’s xmlrpc.php file, you should be able to connect Jetpack to and those comments will work again.