Photoshop crashes

Hi peps, I recently bought a new Dell laptop from a local store I trust. I got it to use Adobe Illustrator & Bridge CS6, and Photoshop CC. All was fine for a few weeks until BSOD sprang up on me all of a sudden. After the crash, every time I open Photoshop, in few seconds, Kernel Security Check Failure would cause the crash. I tried Windows Memory Diagnostic, chkdsk, updated my drivers, and even did full anti-virus checks but no results so far. Photoshop keeps crashing every time I use it. What is the issue and how can I fix it?

a System Crash to happen something else than Photoshop/Adobe needs to be involved.

Is there anyway to attach a crash reports?

for more details upload BSOD screenshot

may be this is coming because of outdated graphics drivers so try update your graphics driver
it may help you
Download the drivers from official sites.