Pop-up from random websites


For some time now, while booting my computer and working, I get a pop-up from several websites that I never went to. My AV scans showed nothing and firewall is working nonstop. I also checked network diagnostics and everything seems to be in order. Is there a way to make it stop appearing out of nowhere?

Scan your PC with Malwarebytes or Adwcleaner and remove the unwanted things.

  1. clear all your browsing data
  2. if you are using google chrome go to customize and control google chrome (top and right button), and go to More Tools>Extensions and check any unknown and unwanted extension and disable it.
    go to control panel and uninstall any unknown installed software

hello @AndrewF

Pop-up error can be blocked in the setting of web browser
but is differ setting from browser to browser

for example i am sharing the link of chrome browser

If still there is problem you can use Malwarebytes tool as it removes
unwanted pop-ups as well as virus

I believe you’ve marked to " I consent to install *** application " when installing a certain 3rd party program (after booting)
Would you mind to provide a screenshot of the referenced pop-ups? Perhaps I could take a quick look and guide you to get rid the nuisances.

Completely cleanup your browsers and temp files on disk and install Malwarebytes or other antivirus programs offering safe browsing features.