Printer not usable - what to do?!

Since my last printer is not usable anymore, I was thinking about purchasing a new all in one printer for Windows 10. But as I can see, not all OS are compatible with W10, and I’m not sure about the W10 updates. I would like to hear some suggestions.

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Hello @Lawrence707

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I would like to tell you that, you are using Windows 10, so you can use any printer.Microsoft support all the printers, as you know windows 10 is running almost everywhere.
you can buy any printer, almost all the printers company support windows 10, as you know windows 10 is running everywhere in the world.

HI @Lawrence707

no need to worry about windows 10.
most of the latest printers will support for windows 10.

if you want to get a cost effective printer go for a Ink tank printers.
those are very cheaper price for ink. but initial payment is high.
Eg : Espon 210, Epson EcoTank ET-4750, Canon Pixma G3200
you can print more than 6000 pages for a one ink tank.

Please specify your problem in detail, if your printer is not at all detected by the computer or there is problem with the uses and mention any error if you have encountered one.

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Is your printer Network printer or it is connected with usb?

go to official site and download windows 10 driver for this printer

also please provide more information to help you