Printer port show WSD -XXXX - XXXX instead of IP address in windows 10 pro

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When installing printers on Windows 10 Pro we use the IP address of the printer. The port always comes out as WDS-xxxxx-XXXX… instead of the IP address. This is useless information. How can I install printers and get them to show the IP Address as the port without manually changing it after it is installed? We don’t have a print server.
We install printers this way: control panel --> view devices and printers --> add a printer --> the printer that I want isn’t listed --> select Add a printer using a TCP/IP address or hostname --> enter the IP --> typically it finds the driver or says use the driver that is currently installed. We have primarily Lexmark printers, a few HP’s and Konica Minolta’s.
Please guide us to the common way to which can help me to resolve the problem
Thanks a lot in ad advance.