Printers not mapping correctly on windows 10

Hello guys,
The VBS script which we used to map printers on Windows 7 and it has never been an issue for a year. The script checks the start of the computer name and if it matches it essentially maps a printer. This has never been an issue before.
Since we have moved off our computers to Windows 10 we are finding that the same script on Windows 10 is intermittently not mapping any network printers at all from the script. When this happens, a lot out and a log back in, or running the script manually does appear to fix the issue though.

We thought that using the script was an old method anyway so I have recently been trying to have our printers mapped via group policy instead. We are doing this via user in the following location in group policy:
User Policies > Preferences > Control Panel Settings > Printers.

All of our printers are listed with the share path with item-level targeting where required. The same issue appears to be occurring here too, printers are not mapping intermittently, particularly on the first login. A log-off and a log back in seems to fix the force seems to fix it too.

last time we have done the following:

The user ‘Student_Printing’ preference item in the ‘Printers Test Dash {A6956A1F-514B-4CBC-8615-A17D9419A197}’ Group Policy Object did not apply because it failed with error code ‘0x80070057 The parameter is incorrect.’ This error was suppressed.

we have tried looking around for what could cause this, but everything seems a little vague. we did map the printer manually on this occasion which worked fine. we are at a bit of a loss with this, because the issue is so intermittent it is actually pretty difficult to troubleshoot which does not help.

Thus anyone has many talents to resolve this issue easily.
Thanks a lot in advance.